Luxman C-1000F+two B-1000F vs AYRE K-XR+four M-XR

Hi all!

Best amps for JBL DD66000 Everest - LUXMAN C-1000F and two B-1000F or AYRE K-XR and four M-XR (bi-amp) or, may be ML52 + ML53?
I can not make the right choice! Help please!

Best regards, Roman, Moscow
Go with the Luxman, it is amazing stuff, in my opinion a huge leap over the other stuff you mentioned.

I heard this setup at CES with the largest Vivid G1 and the sound was spectacular, gigantic dynamic range, completely silent, bass that punched you in the gut.

The Luxman equipment is built like fine jewelry with a degree of obsessive Japanese build quality. Go for it!
I would think the Everests will prefer the warmer Luxmans biwired and unless you have an aircraft hangar for an audio room, 2 x M-800A, biamped would be more than enough.
Thank You! May be 2 X M-800A. But M-800A are not so special like B-1000F+C-1000F. And not so good by tests&measurement. If to look at class A power operation amps I should definitely consider ESOTERIC A-03 amp for instance. And pay attention that Harman typically use Mark Levinson #53 for DD66000. Questions, questions...
Hey, if you have money to blow, just go for the B1000f monos. The system will sound great with Luxmans for sure, and I agree with Audiooracle they are works of art. ML is not on the same level.
HI! Many thanks! But you prefer C800 + 2 X M800A? Cheaper, class A and more flexible (biamp/bridge)? Regards!
I have listened to the M-800A and I think it will be complementary to Everests because of their respective sound, and you're right, they are more flexible so you can experiment. I haven't listened to the B-1000f so I should not opine. I prefer the C-1000f because of its much lower output impedance, just in case you have long interconnects. And go balanced anyway.
Thanks for the important information! What is your opinion, amplifiers AYRE KX-R/MX-R and Mark Levinson 532 in my system is not so good? What can you say about AYRE sound?
No opinion about Ayre. In think the Mark Levinson No. 326S is one of the best preamps ever, but can't say anything about its amps, haven't listened to one in a long time.