Luxman L-590AXII vs Pass Labs INT-60

Folks, I was just wondering if any of you guys managed to compare both Luxman and Pass Labs amps in your system or at the dealers. Some brief description on the differences between both amps would be great.

Personally I own the L-590AXII but am curious about the house sound of the INT-60. FWIW I find the Luxman to be very balanced. Although it's a Class A, it does not sound overly warm. The L-590AXII is fairly detailed, refined and nuanced while showing a very slight hint of warmth in the midrange. Bass goes deep and is defined and controlled while the treble is sweet and extended without showing any sibilance or brightness.

In short, I find the Luxman L-590AXII to sound rather neutral, tilting slightly to warmth on the scale. Although it's tuned to sound delicate and refined, the Luxman can rock too and is capable of sounding dynamic and lively when the music calls for it. On the other hand, the same cannot be said about the Accuphase as I read that it sounds quite a bit warmer than the Luxman, sacrificing a little on punch, slam and dynamics. In other words, the Accuphase sounds too smooth with rock or dynamic music.

You can throw the Boulder 866 into the mix.  It has the new sweet musical house sound and it's built like a tank.

I have owned the Pass 60 and upgraded to the 250. I also have a Accuphase 380 in my collection of amps. I have only listen the the Accuphase for about 2weeks since I purchased it new. From the description of the Luxman sound the Accuphase sounds very similar. I would decribe the Accuphase as utterly  neutral without one hint of harshness. It’s almost perfect in sound. The Pass especially the 60 is very musical and colored, but in a good way. Vocals are very tube like and I like to call it magical. The 250 sounds similar to the pass 60, but it more detailed and effortless.

If you like the pass sound its hard to like anything else better. WhenI first played my Accuphase I could not believe how good and how well it was made. Put the Pass back in rotation and I was reminded how good the Pass is. Not saying one is necessarily better that the other, Just if I had to keep only one amp, the Pass would stay.To the person  that started this thread, weather you went with Luxman or pass, I think  you would be happy. Both are very good amps. You ears will have tell you what best for you. Or you can do like me and by both. I have 4 amps because I liked the presentation of all of them.


So I made the purchase on the dealer demo L-590axII for 35% off list. Never spent this much on a piece of audio gear before but this is my last intergraded and tired of buying 20-30 year old used gear and having issues. After constant use for the last few weeks I’m over the moon, all the reviews I read were spot on, I’m not getting the listening fatigue I was getting with the McIntosh MA6600. 
One of the many functions this Intergraded has over the Pass Labs is the Loudness. I love using it for late night listening at low volume. The MC Phono section in the Luxman is amazing, I’ve stopped using my Pass Labs X-15 Phono Preamp, to be honest I didn’t spend much time doing an A-B comparison of the Pass to the built in but of the Jazz standards I know well there wasn’t a clear winner. Maybe weeks of listening would tell a different story but I’m trying to simplify my set up and pulling one component sure works for me. One thing no one has mentioned is how black or quite the back ground is, it’s amazing how often in a jazz piece there is silence and I look up thinking something has stopped working or the powers gone out. Anyway, I’m just really enjoying this piece of gear that is so versatile yet sounds so incredible, that combination isn’t that common, just a volume control doesn’t cut it for these old ears. I have several Japanese Jazz pressings that can sound a little flat a times. The Luxman takes care of that. 
Happy Listening 😎

@muddywaters61 Congratulations on the purchase of the Luxnan 590AXII. I've owned mine for several years and still enjoy it :-)