Luxman MQ 88u

Just bought a luxman MQ 88u tube power amp but can't decide what speakers to pair it with given the limited watts (25 watts At 6 ohm, 20 watts at 8ohm)... Any suggestions? I'm afraid of getting speakers the system couldn't drive (b&w 805d/804d ??)
25 watts of tube Luxman current is substantial enough for most speakers. I would pay attention to db efficiency, but not live by it alone. Take the amp with you to demo speakers if necessary, I'm sure it will suprise you.

I've a Sugden 30wpc class A amp that drives silly anything I've hooked up to it.
I have the Luxman MQ 88, which I believe is a variant of the MQ 88u. I used it to drive my former DeVore Silverbacks, and now use it as an alternate amp to drive my Verity Amadis. No problems at all with either pairing, and I tend to to listen at moderately-plus loud levels. I agree with Celtic66. Take the time and trouble to audition your speaker candidates with your Luxman.
Thanks all... I might take the amp along this weekend and see how it drives some larger speakers .... That said I've read a good things about ZU audio and luxman pairings - let you know how it goes ... Any thought on Sonus faber Cremona M pairing?
Try Living voice auditorium/avatar/OBX-r2 speakers
They are 94DB , 6ohm , so they should match your amplifier
Very well.