Luxman PD121 is this a quality DD?

How does the Luxman PD121 rank with the other quality DDs (Kenwood LO7D, Technics SP10s, and the like)?
Luxman PS-121 on The Vintage Knob

My experience agrees w/ what is stated on TVK: the PD-121 is a good, midrange table. I wouldn't compare it to the SP-10, but I would personally prefer it to the ubiquitous SL-1200.

The PD-121A with the load-free spindle system is a different animal, more like a mini PD-441. It's still not an SP-10 but it still sounds great, and it's an easier/smaller/more manageable form factor than the SP-10. I have used one extensively w/ a Micro Seiki MA-505 MkII arm, and the combo plays well above its price point.
BR3098, Thank you for your reply. You mention a PD121A. What do you think of the PD121U (differences)? How well does it maintain speed (constant pitch)?

How would you distinguish the PD121 from the SL1200?

What would expect the market price to be for a PD121U with the Mayware IV tonearm?
I used to sell Luxman gear back in the late 1970s, and as I recall the U model was the standard export version of the PD-121 w/ a universal (switchable) power supply. I do not remember ever seeing or selling the PD-121A model, but I have met guys who have claimed to own them, so my mention is more allegorical than real.

Also, the keep in mind that the PD-131 is also a good deck; it was originally offered as an armless version of the PD-121.

In comparison to the SL-1200 I can only offer you my opinion, others may certainly disagree. I believe that the PD-121/131 sounds a little more musical and lush and offers much better bass control than the Technics turntable. But this is a tough comparison, as you will never see these units rigged in a comparable way. As I have mentioned, one of these decks w/ a good, midpriced tonearm and matching cartridge will almost certainly cost more than an SL-1200 but provide a great sound/price ratio.
I have a PD131 with a grace 707 and a SL1200 mk5, the Luxman is a better sounding turntable. Especially with higher compliance cartridges. A Ortofon 2m Black goes really well on my Luxman.

The Sl1200 is a really nice tunrtable and has nice lights and spins nice. I think it is a better looking turntable but the luxman sounds better. A PD131 with a Grace will be about the same price as Technics in Mint Condition. If you find one with a SME 3009 expect to pay more.

I replaced the armboard with a solid maple one and replaced the rubber turntable platter mat with a copper one. The speed is spot on. The Mayware Formula IV tonearm is quite good. I am using a Denon DL-S1 with great results. I will be upgrading the tonearm wires, tags, and connectors.

Originally, the Luxman PD-121 reproduced mudding sounding music with the rubber mat. However, with the copper mat, this is no dog. There is great detail to the music, with a large sound stage and true pitch. Vocals and piano sound very real with great depth and texture. Complex orchestration is easily tracked. I am missing a bit of the low frequencies. However, I expect that to come to life with the new tonearm wires. I still need some extended listening. However, this is very promising.

What a great value for the price.
Interesting update: I moved the ground from my turntable to the amp, while the tonearm ground runs to the phono stage. I got rid of a hum and all of the bass has been found. Can someone explain this?

I am still waiting for the cartridge tags to rewire the arm. However, the PD121 is remarkably accurate at sound reproduction. Each instrument is clearly focused and the full timber and sound pitch is clearly played. It is so easy to follow the interplay of the melodies and harmonies. It is really stunning.