Lyra Delos Stylus Crud on top of cantilever

Looking for suggestions as to how to get stylus crud off the top of my Delos cantilever. No idea why it would be building up there. I’m sure it’s because I live near water so there’s a lot of moisture in the air so everything is tacky in this house. I’ve tried a medic eraser and an audio Technica ultrasonic stylus cleaner and it’s lessened but still there. Here’s a link to the best picture I could take. Stylus is nice and clean but I can't imagine this is helping the sound.
Phew, that’s quite some build up of dirt. Assuming the normal solutions (soft bristled brush, brushing in the direction of LP rotation ie back to front) do no good then perhaps very careful use of a bit of magic eraser attached to a toothpick may work. The ME got baked on crud off the top of my cantilever, albeit just at the stylus end. 

Discussion of method is here
Did that just now. All it did was push the dirt up the cantilever. I was able to use a toothpick to knock it off. Don't think I killed it. Definitely sounds better. 
Use Mobile Fidelity lp #9 stylus cleaner. It comes with a very soft brush and a hard brush. Use the soft brush along the top of your cantilever. It will put no dangerous pressure on the cantilever. 
I do this about once every year or two because I believe there is a slight concentration of alcohol in the fluid and I don't want to impact the glue that holds the stylus in place. Whether cleaning your stylus or the cantilever, I have had only great results over the last 10 years or so. I use this for my Dynavectors and Shure. Re my Lyra, I use Lyra SPT stylus cleaner but I have not used it on top of my cantilever, only on the stylus. That might work on the top of the cantilever as well, but I simply have no accumulation on the Lyra since I purchased it---so I can't say.
Either way, I think a fluid will work better to dissolve the impurities than even a minor scrub with a harder substance.
If it happens again this stuff is good because it’s slightly sticky:-

I would also take a nylon bristle model brush to the red magnet to remove the build up there also.