Lyra Kleos SL

I found references to the Kleos SL on the Lyra website and several postings which seems to be a low output "special edition" model. Can someone please explain the sonic differences to the "normal" Kleos?
Have you seen this thread on the naim forum?

There could be practical reasons for wanting lower output. If someone has a SUT designed for a lower output cart, the regular version cart would be inappropriate.

I think the SL is .25mV and the regular is .5mV.
Thank you for the link which is quite informative.
It seems astonishing though that there is such a price difference.
These days I am doing the break in period of a new Kleos SL.
I want to comment after microscopic evaluation the SRA is at 99 degrees or so and I low the bearing of the tonearm until the lowest level available for the cartridge (be careful with the washi paper!) and I finally get around 96 degrees. I can't get now the 91to95 best value due to the bad initial adjustment of the cantilever cartridge. :-(
Talking about azimuth calibration I use Fozgometer and matched both channels in this 96 degrees position, in the 99 degrees position it was simply impossible, too far one from the other.
I hope after break in period cantilever will low until 94-95 degrees to avoid any kind of intermodulation distortions.
Jcarr, please. Your comments would be really useful here.
Two more inputs:
1- fozgometer is fully calibrated
2- 99 degrees value was taken at the same tonearm bearing height of the platter in his middle position.
How are you measuring SRA? The way most people do it (by eyeballing a magnified photo), there is a large margin for error.
When you say you "matched both channels" using the Foz with SRA = 96 degrees, what exactly do you mean?  Did you match them for crosstalk or output? 
I use a digital microscope with angle calibration.
I match bith levels as usual, to get same signal indication from both channels.
today I increase VTF from 1.75g to 1.90 and got 94,5degrees of SRA. Imho better sound, but now I am out of recommended VTF value
pojuojuo, rather than posting on Audiogon (which due to a lack of time, I rarely visit), you would have received a response much sooner if you would have sent an email to either your dealer, your distributor, or us.

I tried to send you an email through the Audiogon system, but haven't been successful. Nonetheless, if you can send me an email, we will try to get your Kleos sorted out.
Jonathan!! Finally...

First of all many thanks for your input.
I sent you a mail to c o n n l y r a at g o l dot c o m but no answer received.

Please let me know how to contact you and talk about my particular problem.