Lyra Kleos SL

I found references to the Kleos SL on the Lyra website and several postings which seems to be a low output "special edition" model. Can someone please explain the sonic differences to the "normal" Kleos?
I use a digital microscope with angle calibration.
I match bith levels as usual, to get same signal indication from both channels.
today I increase VTF from 1.75g to 1.90 and got 94,5degrees of SRA. Imho better sound, but now I am out of recommended VTF value
pojuojuo, rather than posting on Audiogon (which due to a lack of time, I rarely visit), you would have received a response much sooner if you would have sent an email to either your dealer, your distributor, or us.

I tried to send you an email through the Audiogon system, but haven't been successful. Nonetheless, if you can send me an email, we will try to get your Kleos sorted out.
Jonathan!! Finally...

First of all many thanks for your input.
I sent you a mail to c o n n l y r a at g o l dot c o m but no answer received.

Please let me know how to contact you and talk about my particular problem.