M2Tech HiFace - using it? Like it?

On the Tweak Geek website this little gizmo looks pretty slick and a much simpler way of converting USB to SPDIF. My Pop Pulse does the same thing but it is bulky (by comparison) and the USB capability is terrible at 44/16 max. BTW I use a Mac Pro and iTunes.

If you are using the M2Tech I would appreciate your feedback.
Used it... like it... and upgraded to the M2tech Evo... liking the Evo even more.
Blindjim: Pure Music is a software download that replaces that part of iTunes that plays back the music. All other aspects of iTunes remains intact. You have two playback options with Pure Music - 1. playback directly off of your HD source or 2. "Memory" where Pure Music downloads the music into itself first and then plays it back. I like the Memory option better but there is a delay between tracks while Pure Music downloads from the HD. Either way, I like it. It is a Mac application.
OK.. yeah, I saw some notes of it online in a review.

FUBAR & JR MC utilize similar concepts for replay. MC does allow for the from memory option, and both allow for ways to avoid the Windows sound mixer via ASIO, WASAPI, & Kernal Streaming measures, now there is a WASAPI event choice too, and of course the Direct Sound.

But I'm always on the look out for a better mouse trap. Albeit, with the right settings, JR MC 15 and FUBAR (latest ver) enable bit true replay, and no need for rearranging the bit rates or depths as you go. Play any file type in any playlist or randomly accessed, regardless the sampling rate file type, etc. The app does all the work... once it's setup properly.

Good to know anyhow... thanks.

Now about a decent USB card that ain't way pricey!?