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Audible Illusions Modulus 3 Audio Research SP-11
F-ing auto correct. That was "opps" not Oppo (which makes nice Bluray players...) 
Audible Illusions Modulus 3 Audio Research SP-11
Oppo, I didn't realize the CJ was an amp... Never-mind! 
Audible Illusions Modulus 3 Audio Research SP-11
If you like sound of the CJ, I don't think you'll like the AI. I did direct comparisons with the CJ Premier 14 (and 17) which were both very dark in comparison to AI 3A. The AI doesn't have that classic tube preamp coloration. It's neutral to perh... 
Audible Illusions Modulus 3 Audio Research SP-11
It's all about system matching and synergy. You don't mention what amps you are using... I had an older AR (don't remember which one) which was way to muddy with my amps. That said I've been using the AI 3B since the upgrade came out and I love it... 
Speakers for low power SET, nearfield, low volume?
I'm loving my Zu Essence with my 2a3. Very nice at low volumes... 
Crimson Speaker Cables?
May I have your attention please? May I have your attention please? Will, The Real Slim Shady please stand up? I repeat will, The Real Slim Shady please... - EminemYou gut had my really laughing on this one, bumping a 2 year old thread for the wro... 
Original VPI Aries vs VPI classic 3
I have the original. If you don't already have one buy the SDS. Other than that I recommend the Black Diamond Racing pucks (made for the Aries) and fishing line.I haven't heard the others and have no desire to upgrade. Spend your money on a new ca... 
Thoughts on interconnect vs. speaker cable length.
It's all about synergies... I own the AI 3B and before that 3A and have had great success with 20 foot interconnects from the pre to the amps. I should note that the amps (VTL compact 100's) were made with pro market in mind so their sensitivity i... 
Information regarding Audible Illusions 3A
The 3A is not hard on tubes.... Do a search and you will find that the Russian 6H23-EB is a great tube and currently supplied from Art. FWIW, I've owned the Mod3, 3A, and 3B... and in over 15 years I've never had a tube issue.Congrats on getting a... 
Help me emulate the best speakers I've heard
@Schubert, having lived in Germany for a few years I would have to agree... however it due to the power being 220 volts v.s. 110 in the US. It makes a big difference.Tony 
Rega P5 w/Denon 103R what should I upgrade to?
@viridian, you're right but by using a "heavy weight" in the back and a head weight up front you effectively change the mass of the Rega arm while keeping all it's goodness... or at least that what works for me. YMMV 
Audible Illusions M3B or L3
Very quiet, however it is tube based so depending on your speakers you may hear a faint tube noise with your ear to the speaker. Likewise I use a Denon 103r low output MC cartridge. 
Looking for a subwoofer to match my GMA Europas
It's not the speaker but most likely the amp IMHO. EL34's aren't known for their killer low end (but I do love them). I ran the Europa max with 6550 based be mono blocks and never felt the need for a sub, but it is a different GM speaker from a dr... 
Help with ringing bass from Dynaudio C1
Acoustic panels behind the speakers should do the trick. You can get some very attractive ones these days for not too much cash. 
Bent Audio Autoformer vs Tube Pre
I’ve had fun with both and I really think it comes down to system synergies and personal taste.I’ve used a Bent TVC (S&B MK1 copper) for years and really enjoyed it. The sound is by far truer to the source and I love the remote control. My amp...