mac and vac amps with thiel 3.6

I am almost certain to buy one of these two integrated tube products. If I cannot make them work with the speakers I will change the speakers. Anyone heard either combo with the 3.6.
Yeap. I had a Mac MC225 connected to the Thiels 3.6. It sounded horrible! Ended up buying a VAC Ren 70/70. What a huge difference...
Before the Thiels, my Mac 225 was connected to a pair of Kefs and it sounded very nice. Not sure if I was doing something wrong, but what I can tell you was that as soon as the Ren 70/70 was connected in the system, it completely opened up the sound. Clear, natural, wide soundstage. Liked the VAC sound so much, that I have replaced my preamp with a VAC Ren Pre, too.
Due (and only to) to space constraints I might end up selling the Thiels. Otherwise, nothing to complain!
Good luck.
Well, the 70/70 is way more expensive and way more powerful than the MC225 so I would hope you would like it better!

Garnetts - did you have the MA2275 in mind? I haven't heard it yet but am curious.
as has been pointed out before on the forum, Kevin Hayes voices and tests all his VAC products on the 3.6's he has at the VAC factory. i would say the VAC would be a safe bet with the Thiels.
I've owned Thiels and currently own a VAC PA 100/100. The VAC would be a good choice.
This isn't a perfect comparison but I used to have a pair of Thiel CS 2.3's connected to a MAC 6900 integrated and I thought it sounded great. I no longer have the Thiel's but I do still have the 6900. VAC makes great products too though...
Very helpful. I first heard the Thiels with ar hybrid amp and bought them. Afraid of tubes so bailed out to transistors and have listened to them with very expensive amps not to be impressed. Thanks for feedback on tubes.Have heard only the vac avatar not the latest super model with other speakers and loved the very "liquid" midrange. Please continue
i actually use a VAC auricle with Thiel 1.6s and love them. combination particularlly suits my smaller UK room (15'x25'). thiels seem to have a characteristic impedence dip, which one would think would be a problem for a tube amp, but the VAC seems to not take any notice. if this is the bottom of the VAC range, i would have no worries about other VAC models with Thiels.
Until recently upgrading, I used an Avatar SE with Thiel 2.3s. Wonderful combination, more relaxed than my current tube preamp/SS amp combination.