MacBook Pro settings for mini-toslink output

I'm interested in the NPR jazz night in America so I'm trying to play my mac through a luxman d-05 for the first time and getting no joy. Mini-toslink from mac headphone output to Luxman toslink digital input. I selected internal speakers optical digital output port on the mac and still no joy. What am I missing? Any help appreciated.
can anyone give any help using a mini-toslink output cable from an apple computer?
Before you do anything, try playing some music through the Mac other than the NPR station. Rip a cd to a lossless format like flac, and compare the 2.
Check you midi settings. They are hard to find. Maybe google it. Perhaps they are set to 24/96 and your dac only takes 16/44.
Why are you using a Mini-Toslink from your MAC headphone output to the Luxman D-05 Toslink digital input? Am I missing something?

I suggest you use the USB connection on your MAC Book Pro computer to your Luxman D-05 DAC. I also have a MAC Book Pro computer and use a USB cable from the computer to my Ayre QB-9 DSD DAC. It works fine.

Setting up the computer is not easy and I hope the information below helps. I suggest you review the following web site for setting up your MAC computer for connecting to your Luxman D-05 DAC:

Audio Midi Setup: Set up your audio devices

I hope my above links work. If not, please copy and paste to your browser.