Macintosh MX132

Need help/thoughts on an older Mcintosh MX132 preamp. The unit has issues in which I only get a loud buzzing noise when I try to play music through the unit. I use it only for 2 channel. So I have the front outputs running to the inputs of my amp then my music server outputs into the cd I put of the MX132. Again all I get is a loud buzzing noise. Try doing the same set up in zone B of the MX132 as well but get no sound at all from zone B. Funny thing is if I run the cables from my amp to the fixed outputs of the MX132 it plays fine but no volume control...

is is the unit worth fixing? I got the unit for free... If the unit isn't worth fixing my budget is about $700.00 to find another preamp. Thoughts and help on if I may have the unit set up wrong? If I could get zone B set up properly then my issue would be fixed.

I would send it in to McIntosh or, you'd be out a shipping cost and a diagnosis fee. But at 700.00 you will be hard pressed to find a better pre-amp, in my opinion. Call McIntosh first as they may diag it for free. I have had many dealings with Mc and they have been awesome to deal with. I used to own an MX132 and the issue you describe could be a grounding issue, but, I really think it might be a bad cap or similar. Take the cover off and look for any bloated caps, as old as this unit is, time move taken it's toll. Therefore again start with Mc as they may have reduced charges. I have sent used equipment to them and they still took care of it and covered return shipping. But that may have changed with the new Fine Sounds ownership.