Maggies and subwoofer integration

I'm running a Schiit Saga+ into a B@K EX 422 Sonata, into MG-1 maggies. Wanted to add a subwoofer, and was wondering if by just using the second output on the Saga+ to the line level input of the Velodyne Sub I have, would just be adding bass heft to the MG-1's, as there's no built in crossover in the Saga+?

I would optimally want the Sub to takeover from around 60HZ, and aleviate the bass duties of the maggies.

Would it be a waste of time and no real benefit? Would running the signal from the B@K directly to the subwoofer be any different regarding the delineation of the frequency duties?

Thanks in advance for your help. 


I just want to add my two cents to this discussion - I have been a Maggie owner since 1982. I now own two systems I my home based on Maggie’s. My main system now is my Maggie 1.6 QRs (modified by Peter Gun - new wood frames and propritary crossover) and The Swarm ( 4 subs designed by Duke - AudioKinesis ). The subs match the speed of the modified Maggies ( powered by my Krell K 300i integrated) beyond my wildest expectations. Note The Swarm came with their own amp - I feed the Krell preamp out to this amplifier - DaytonAudio - everything is  adjustable - crossover point, eq, phase, gain. You can match this to your room - no problem. My second system are Maggie 1.7i s with a DMW panel. This system runs with a Krell 550 and a separate Son of Ampizalla pushing the DMW. 

Both Maggie systems benefit from the extra bass support. But I must stress The Swarm added to the older modified Maggie 1.6 QRs is amazing. My rooms are the same size - 17’ by 20’. Whatever Maggies you own - add some bottom end!! You will never have regrets. Just add quality subs.

Happy Listening


I also run my Maggies (MMGs) through a B&K EX-442 Sonata. I’m using a Rythmik F12G sub. After lots of back-and-forth, I settled on 80 Hz for the crossover (it was either 60 or 80 for me). With the room EQ/DSP I run it integrates very well when the distance setting is done right. My PLP is about 14 away from the speakers so I need to add distance to my sub setting (about 7.3 feet to be exact). I’ve found it’s largely a timing issue. Frankly, I don’t know what a 50 Hz crossover and real low gain is going to do for you. I’ve tried it and it didn’t seem to add much to my listening experience. YMMV.

Clearly, I'm in strong disagreement with those who say you can't successfully integrate a sub with Magnepan speakers.  

I do wish people would be more direct with their opinions. 😉

One can definitely integrate subs into a Maggie setup. To each his own, but there are genres of music that I feel need the punch, and I use subs with box speakers too. 

Being a big REL fan (I run a swarm of 5 at times - it's a massive room) I think there are some misunderstandings about what subs are supposed to do with music.  It's different with home theater where it's supposed to give you the boom of the explosion.  REL subs add a spatial quality, almost more air than boom, and they shouldn't really be setup so that you can "hear" them.  

That's one reason why I like the swarm approach - several set at low gain creates a subtle strength behind the music that I prefer to pushing one sub harder. 

I also have 2 DWM panels that I'll include in the mix sometimes, but if I had to choose between REL subs and DWMs I would take the subs. 

To address the OP: I think your favorite genres might be part of your analysis here.  If you do like a bit more of the phat sound (as I do), I would suggest you see if you can go to at least 2 subs - see if you can run them stereo (i.e. left speaker signal to left subwoofer, right to right).  While upgrading subs to avoid HT-focused versions will help improve sound, relatively cheap subs are still good in a multi-configuration and you want to keep the gain on them relatively low -- you don't want to be able to detect where the bass is from. 

It's all about experimentation and personal preference.  There just isn't any "right" when it comes to sound preference in audio. 

Time to open a can of worms :)

One of the reasons we purchase Maggies is for the transparency and neutrality of the music we listen to, getting rid of the inherent sound signature of the box. I’ve not owned smaller panel Maggies, 2.5r and up to 20.1’s. I would imagine there would be a need for a sub for the smaller Maggies, 1.7 and under, not saying in all cases but given the smaller size of the panels they may need that extra bottom end. IMO adding a sub to the larger panels counter acts the whole point of going box-less. Maggie bass will not shake the glasses off the shelves, but they will reproduce the sound of the instruments in the way they were recorded. At the risk of opening another can, Large panel Maggies require tons of good clean power and current and to say my 50 watt tube amp does fine with my 30.1 panels is like saying my Pinto does fine on the Autobahn, the Pinto will get you there, but where is the pleasure of driving the Autobahn. I love large Panel Maggie bass with high powered amps that are capable of driving them. Fast , articulate and natural, that is how I describe Maggie bass. Adding a box defeats the whole point. A high end sub, no matter how much you spend is not going to sound like a Maggie.

Enjoy the Music