Maggies with Mark Levinson preamp/amp

Hello! I am putting together my first hi-fi system and planning to go with a pair of Magnepan 1.6QR for speakers.

For amps, I have a Mark Levinson No.26 preamp and No.23.5 amp.

Searching around the web, I don't find many feedbacks on how Maggies sound thru Mark Levinson amps.

I would appreciate very much if anyone could share their experiences on the Magnepan-Mark Levinson combination, in particular, the 26 & 23.5 setup.

Any recommendations on speaker cables and interconnects?

Thanks in advance.
I used Mark Levinson 23.5 , ML3 to use with Magnepan speaker with great result.I was using MIT cables at the time.
A friend of mine has a pair of MGIIIA's with some vintage Levinson ML7 pre and ML11 poweramp with Tara Labs cables. It is a sweet sounding combination. Your 23.5 should have plenty of power to light up a pair of 1.6's. It should be a fabulous match.