Magico q5 vs. m5

I am very interested to the newest creation from alon wolf, and I consider to buy it...
But I have to investigate the relationship between the exceptional m5 and the new alu technologie inside the q5.
is the q5 the better speaker, despite the lower price...?
Is this possible?
Thank u....
Johnhatan Valin from TAS who loves the M5 will soon get a couple of Q5 ...

If the Q5 is really better, then we could see appear new all aluminium models replacing the V3, V2 and the minis ...

after hearing mini, v3, v2 and the wonderful m5
i still ordered a pair Q5...
now I have only to wait.
I hope, I am sure this system will deliver bass below the claimed 36 HZ...
Bass response should be the same or better then the M5. I talked to Irv Gross from Magico that said the 36Hz is incorrect.
Valin will love the speakers he gets them FREE!!You Are the last judge of the sound!!
i am pondering the same question Alexismaster...please let us know your findings. for me will match with subs, i think highly of the time i have spent with magico's but think their bass is a bit linear and their ability to pressurize a big room like mine not sufficient, having said that, a tuned in sub and the magico's is ideal for me.
no yet.... mr wolf had a lot to do.
I am wondering about the last overture session, at may, 1...
Let me whet your whistle...

The Q5 is 27% larger on the interior, yet far smaller on the outer dimensions. The sound Sat. at Overture was exemplary. One day of set up and the result was exceptional- low or no mid bass coloration. Huge open stage, no fatigue.

I came back to my listening studio that afternoon(MBL101Es) and was wanting for the Magico's.

Hats off to Alon (Magico) and Terry (Overture).

Peter Breuninger
The Absolute Sound Magazine
I came back to my listening studio that afternoon(MBL101Es) and was wanting for the Magico's.

waouhh I love the 101E ...

do the Q5 achieves the holografic sound of these MBL ?
This was a public demo and not under controlled or familiar conditions. Please consider this tidbit: the Magico's had a freedom from “box” coloration that was memorable. Think electrostatic. I don't believe there is any speaker that offers the holographic presentation of the MBL.

Please give a listen of Burmester B100 in a whole Burmester Reference Line System. Ah the present stage that one is my reference concerning the the holographic presentation.

With best regards.