Magico Q5 vs Nola Babygrand ref. vs Egg. Savoy sig

Which one you like most? Need input/opinion.

Thanks a bunch.

Personally I am not a big Magico fan, the speakers are over hyped, the Eggleston's are okay, the Nola's are really good.

I would also look at the Scaenas' which combine much of the attributes of the Nola in terms of transparency and imaging with the deep bass of the Egglestons'

Dealer Disclaimer.
Magico Q5's are my favourite and "dream", if you can support them then go with no hesitation. I heard them driven by Dart kits, superb and was blown away. You should listen to all the mentioned spks before making decision, but Q5's wont let you down.
I really like Q5 but to hear it at its best, you need a lot of very high quality power. Probably 300-400 watts minimum.
Nola is also pretty nice but I have not heard their bigger speakers so I can't really comment. Scaenas is interesting. It could be down right horrible if not set up properly. Properly setup it is definitely a strong candidate but it is not easy to integrate the tower and subwoofer, at least from hearing at my local dealer over the years.
Q5 does not have a huge amount of bass like many of its competitor unless you really throw a lot of wattage at it but it offers a lot quality bass rather quantity. I am living with Q3 for awhile now and it is hard going back to listen to ported speakers as far as bass is concerned.
Those are all big speakers for big budgets and rooms. I've heard the Q5 and the Nola in dealer demos. I owned the Eggleston Rosa, and now have the Magico Mini 2. They are three very different approaches to sound reproduction. At this level, you need to hear each with your own music. You'll never get the same equipment behind each, so it will be difficult to really compare them directly and know for sure how they would fare in the same system.

Given my biases, I would buy the Magico without hesitation. IMO, and with my limited experience, of the three, the Q5 is the truest to the source. That is it is the most transparent and neutral when properly set up in a room and with the right amps. The cabinet is silent and it is very coherent. The bass, though not the most extended, to me sounds very natural and accurate. With the right equipment, I have heard them disappear and leave only the music.