Magico SPOD 8 & Flooring


I've planned to order SPODs for my Magico S1 Mk2 speakers. So far I couldn't find so many words about whether footers are being recommended for usage when speakers are placed on carpets preferably or they will not be dependable on the type of flooring placement. Also I found review in HIFICritic dated from 2017 where Reviewer claimed "when set on the rigid hardwood on concrete floor, the disturbed timing and the loss in low frequency dynamics and speed recurred with the SPods ". Then He put pieces of carpet under the footers to rectify the issue. Isn't it strange?! My Speakers are sitting on oakwood parquet sticked to concrete. Before placing the order, some opinion and real experience related to above would be very welcome.
Thanks in advance.
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The pods you seek are Townshend Podiums. Springs are totally the way to go, Townshend are the best springs, and Podiums are the best for speakers. Type of floor won't matter, and they are super easy to level and position. So there you go.
Thanks for replying but specifically looking for original Magico SPODs and how they behave between Magico Speakers and flooring or how their performance are being affected by different type of flooring. 
I have MAGICO Q3s i am using Symposium Super Plus speaker stands with copper spikes.They are thousands less and are as good or better than spods which are at a rippoff price.They can be used with or without the spikes.In my case i have parquet with concrete under so the spikes work great plus you can level them with the tool which comes with them.Sonics are as good probably better for thousands less.Your move good luck.
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