Magnepan 3.6 VS Leagcy Focus

I know these are two totally different types of speakers but I would like to know opinions on swapping the Focus for the 3.6. I bought the Focus back early this year (original version) and have now acquired a used pair of Magnepan MG-IIIA. I can see how people love the planar speaker with it's natural presentation and lifelike images. Of course the Focus is more dynamic and forward but I am leaning toward the sound of the IIIA so I thought maybe I would sell the Focus and the IIIA to purchase a used pair of 3.6's. What do you think?
I have both. The 3.6's are by far the better speaker. I'm using a Simaudio W-7 amp and P-7 pre. Used a VAC Avatar before that. To me the SS is a better match with the Maggie's.
A bit of sagely experience; If you find yourself over time flipping back and forth between technologies, just bite the bullet and own both types of speakers - if you have the space. It will yield far more enjoyment/satisfaction and cost you no more in the long run.