Magnepan 3.7

Looks nice, link below.

“the 3.7 is a 3-way, full-range ribbon speaker with a very ‘fast’ quasi-ribbon midrange and true ribbon tweeter.”

"The 3.7 is available in new aluminum trim or our traditional wood trims of oak and cherry. Fabric options are off-white, black and dark gray. Suggested list pricing starts at $5495/pair for aluminum or oak versions, or $5895/pair for the dark cherry versions."

Magnepan 3.7
are the 3.7 worth $3,500 more than the 1.7 try to decide if another bat vk-55 amp will be a better investment sounds good with one vk-55 will 3.7 maggies sound better or should i just get another bat for $2,000 thanks
Not sure about the 3.7's yet; still in the early auditioning stage. However, I can say that when I compared the 3.6's to both the 1.6's and the new 1.7's I preferred the 3.6's ( by a substantial margin). The 1.6's just did not do it for me at all...I think that the 3.6's are far better in every parameter. Also, I would rather own (and I do) a used pair of 3.6's over a new pair of 1.7's... Just my opinion; YMMV.
I just bought a 10 month old pair of MG 3.6 R's in dark cherry for $3600. They are far superior to my ML Vantage's.The sound is wonderfully detailed and balanced and the cherry is drop dead gorgeous. I have Pass Labs XA 60.5 monoblock amps which have a tremendous Class A amp warmth I would highly recommend or the XA 100.5 if you want more bass and bloom. I have the PS Audio PW combo and Pass X 0.2 preamp which round out my system. If you are looking for a quality goose bump factory for reasonable cost, consider the path I've taken. Hope this helps.
I have had 4 different auditions with the 3.7's now, and although they are nice, and I have said this before, I don't think they are better than the 3.6's at all.

I think if I was going to upgrade, I would buy a used pair of 20.1's instead of a new pair of 3.7's.
Macdadtexas is making good sense I think. Before I would move to the 3.7's (for $5,500) I think that I would take a serious listen to a good pair of used 20.1's...

Not sure when Magnepan will update the 20.1's but I am guessing it will be in the next year or so...Once that happens there will be many used pairs to pick and choose from.

A move to 20.1's is conditional of course upon having a room large enough to accommodate them properly. Visually too, the 20.1's are much larger than 3.6's so you must decide if all that extra size will take-away from the sonic disappearance act...

Still, when the used 20.1's go on sale, it will be a good opportunity to move up!