Anybody here pair a Kinki EX-M7 with a Magnepan LRS+ ?

I'm narrowing down my new amp choices and I keep coming back to the M7.  I haven't seen much chatter about how well it handles Magnepans.

Other contenders are the PS Audio M700, PS Audio M1200, SST Son of Ampzilla II and the SPL Performer S800.   Also considering anything running a Hypex Ncore X.


SST Son would be my choice. Designed by the great James Bongiorno of SAE/GAS/Sumo - now Spread Spectrum Technology. I have two GAS Sons and a Thoebe preamp. Also a Sumo Andromeda amp and Athena preamp. All good stuff!

I had those amps under consideration for my LRS+. The LRS+ needs a lot of power. I tried the following:

  • PeachTree GAN400 (very low cost and what I would get if I went Class D)
  • CODA #16 (mind-blowingly good $$$)
  • Sanders Sound System Magtech (amazing)

I emailed Roger Sanders about his used stock of Magtechs since people raved about them with Maggies. He offered me a deal of a 30-day home demo of his used Magtech amp ($4k). 

After 2 days I emailed Roger and said neverminded the 30 days, I am keeping it. I am using Audience FrontRow speaker cables with the Magtech and LRS+ and I love this system.


Thanks yyz, appreciate the comments. I haven’t looked into the Magtechs yet. Does he have any more?

As far as Peachtree goes, I have heard mixed reviews but I haven't listened to one yet so I can't really say anything.  The most recent high powered amp I tried was the Orchard Audio Starkrimson Stereo Ultra 2.0 and I really enjoyed it.  If I can't make my mind up I'll likely just get a kit version and build one myself.

@tubeguy76 the best PeachTree amp is the GAN1 and if modded by Ric at TweakAudio then it is screamingly good. However, the 200 watts in that amp will not drive the LRS+ to the levels I have now.

The Peachtree GAN400 is really good for the money, it has a bit of hardness on top that most won't be bothered with. I noticed but I did buy the amp 2x until I figured out what I want to get permanently for the LRS+.

The Magtech is great on the LRS+ irrespective of the price. It is a great amp for the LRS+. My CODA #16 has a bit more Class A goodness (similar sonic power, just 150 watts), but I also love the Magtech since it just makes the LRS+ come alive. It is 500 watts at 8 and 900 watts at 4. When I first put it on my first reaction was "damn that is powerful".

Here is Roger's email,



Thanks yyz, I did a bit of reading about Sanders and I like it.  I heard that Coda builds the amps for him.  Any truth to that?

I forgot to ask Roger, but I did read that online somewhere. That was a positive for me.

Roger told me the name of the amp derives from it originally being designed specifically for Maggies (Mag - tech).