Magnepan needs your help

Magnepan needs your help.

Are you willing to publicly give your feedback of Magnepan’s proposed new speaker concept? Below are the cities and dates of select cities for the first tour to hear public opinions. Instead of filling out focus group forms or giving information to Magnepan’s representatives at the demonstration, Magnepan is encouraging public debate. (Negative feedback can be just as valuable as positive feedback.)

If you are interested in hearing this speaker concept, it is critical that your dealer have your contact information. Winter storms could cause a delay of the tour.

Chicago-- Quintessence Audio, Wednesday, December 11th
Toronto-- Audio Excellence, Saturday, December 14th
Pittsburgh-- Butch’s Sound and Vision, Monday, December 16th
Northern New Jersey (Verona)-- Audio Connection, Wednesday, December 18th

- Wendell Diller, Magnepan

Josh, a pair of the 12" woofers is plenty punchy for me, but I don’t prioritize reproducing the hyped-up bass heard in Pop recordings. The planar bass produced by the Tympani-model Magneplanars (and now by the new 30.7) has long been my standard, and the OB/Dipole Sub comes the closest to that I’ve ever heard.

There are some DIYers (and pro speaker companies) using three, four, six, or even eight OB woofers per side! That is useful in a larger room, but a single pair per side is plenty for me. The eight 6.5" woofer per side (four on each of the two baffles of the W-frame, I’m presuming. Oops, I’ve said too much already ;-) in the new hybrid Maggie will grab about the same amount of air as will a pair of 12’s, I believe. I’m sure someone will correct me if I’m mistaken!

And, the 8 woofers won’t have to travel as far to do it, leading to at least the possibility of less distortion. But then, the GR Research/Rythmik sub employs servo-feedback, so all bets are off. If this hybrid planar/OB sub makes it into production, planar lovers will finally have available a speaker with deep bass without needing huge panels to produce it (Tympanis, Sound Labs, etc.). And that bass will be very different from that produced by standard subs: not as "plump"---no added fat; the texture of stringed instruments (upright bass, cello, piano) more audible, as are the end trail of notes, etc. And the balance between speakers and subs will remain stable when listening distance changes. Plus lots more! --- Eric.

Exactly! It's like a dream come true for planar owners -- I'm imagining my IVA's now with a tiny sub rather than 36 inches of bass panels.

As you say, the current sub has about the radiating area of two 12" woofers. I've heard others say the same thing you have about the GR Research dipoles, that the number you need depends on the size of your room. Wendell demoed these in Magnepan's listening room, which is actually a pretty sizable room -- just not huge. I can imagine versions of this with stackable woofers, as with the GR's, so you could adapt them to larger rooms.

I think Magnepan may have a real winner here -- I don't know how many times I've heard people say that this or that Maggie is just too big.
Dipole woofers can work great with planar speakers. We have been using our dipole woofer modules with our Analysis Audio speakers for several years with great results. Our dipole woofer modules each have two 10” long throw drivers and are designed to be stackable. Our experience tells us that typically one pair of woofer modules is enough for all but very large rooms or larger open concept homes.
They keep doing it...making the speakers that reproduce what you feed them.  I still remember my first listen in 1974...and I have had zero speakers other than Maggies since then.  As a former dealer, I was fortunate enough to hear pretty much every speaker made for many years, and while some boxes are OK--Fulton comes to mind--nothing lets music sound like it does when I play it on any given musical instrument better than Maggies fed by first quality hardware.

Some companies come and go; not so here, and there is a reason.

Hi Wendell,
I would love to but NJ is a bit far for me. I live in NH. I have owned and set up countless Maggie's. 
What I can tell you is that if the 20.7's were 7' 10" tall they would be near perfect for anyone with an 8 foot ceiling. If you are going to do a line source please make it full range! I think your bass projection would improve and the speaker would sound more balanced.