magnepan tympani IVa updates?

Any maggie advice regarding an old, but perfect pair of Tympani IVa's? These even have the original tweeters, which work perfectly. Are there tweaks/updates by now? Will a new pair of tweeters be of better quality than the 80's version? Would a modern re-paneling upgrade them in any way? Any upgrades for the crossover that are simple? These work fine, but I'm curious about improvements to ward off the new speaker itch.
I used to have a pair (wish I never sold them) which were bi-amped using a an active crossover. I used a tubed Marchand crossover.

The blending of the various drivers are much improved and the speaker is more coherent. Count on high powered sand amp to make them sing though.
Actually, you should contact Steve Winey.

The factory is terrific in general, and even better for Tympani questions, as they still consider it a flagship product and give some degree of VIP service to all Tympani inquiries.

Good luck.
Cwl, you're right it's STEVE not Jim. I have heard rumors however that Steve has not been very involved lately. But someone there will help. They are indeed quite accomodating of Tympani owners.