Magnepans on Spectral; a match? Anyone?

I have owned Spectral systems in conjunction Martin Logan ESL's and other dynamic speakers with great results.

I have also owned Magnepan speakers such as MG IIb, MG-IIIa's and the MG 20R. These were driven by:
McIntosh MC-2125, MC-300 and MC-1.2K's
simaudio W-5 and W-10's
Wolcott P 280m's

My questions is; Has anyone out there paired Magnepan's with a Spectral amp an/or full Spectral system? If so, would you share the sonics results?

I am trying to determine if this would be a great match? Living in Northern Michigan makes it difficult and possibly expensive to find out alone.

I have a pair of Magnapan 1.7's powered by a Spectral 20 pre-amp and Spectral 90 power amp, and this is a match made in Heaven.

Quick, clean, transparent with a silky quiet background. No listening fatigue at all. Just a very real sound whether listening to Jazz, Classical, Pop or whatever.

Highly recommended.