magneplanar on wall HT system - anyone listen?

i'm looking for feedback on the Maggie on wall HT system. I have an apartment that I was thinking of putting up four on wall Maggie HT speakers along with their center channel speaker. Was wondering about other people's experiences with this system.

Thanks for the help.

I personally would not use Maggies for HT.


1 - Maggies are not as dynamic as many equilivilent costing box speakers.
2 - Maggies are much harder to drive than most equilivent costing box speakers.
3 - Because of #2, you need some serious power to get decent HT sound with Maggies.

Anyway, I love Maggie sound in a lot of ways for 2 channel. For HT, I would look at something else.

I saw two home theater setups utilizing Maggies at T.H.E. Show in Las Vegas this past weekend but neither of them had a video component in the setup. Both were playing music only. One setup consisted of 6 of the 3.6 models. Two of the 3.6's were used for the center channel, and one for each of the 4 corners.
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Jab, the Magnepan binding posts are a little odd, but in addition to bare wire, they do accept banana plugs. - just not spades. Great products otherwise.