Malfunctioning Anthem Pre 1

I've been offered an used Sonic Frontiers Anthem Pre 1 Preamp at a bargain price ( US$ 495.00). However, this unit has problems: when connected to the AC outlet, the 5AR4 rectifier tube in the power source and the 6922 tubes in the line section, as well as the LED of the preamp, are not on as they should. Needless to say the preamp remains silent. Is it worthwhile? Or do you think that there is a major damage in the unit? Thanks for your kind attention!
Why not call Sonic Frontiers and ask them? They were very helpful when I had a minor problem with an Anthem piece I bought used.
Unfortunately, you can't call Sonic Frontiers since they're out of business. The Parts Connection is apparently starting up again, though. Try, and note the spelling. They listed a phone number that's no good--yet? They said something about early April. Anyway, those guys would be able to advise you, so I'd advise you to persist in trying to contact them. Good luck!
Med this could be serious if the power transformer has failed. If only a fuse or bad electrical connection then that's another story, but you're not even getting filament supply so who knows?. If you can get the unit with a refund agreement if it turns out to be unrepairable then maybe OK. Can you get the schematic? if not then don't buy it. Exercise due caution.
Dear fellows, thanks for your sincere advise on this matter. I'll try to contact Parts Connection and listen to their opinion. Have a nice day!