Manley Chinook - setting for Ortofon Quintet Black S

I am interested in advice.

I have a VPI Classic 2 turntable (10.5 tonearm) with an Ortofon Quintet Black S cartridge.  Using a Morrow Audio Ph6 phono interconnect (1 meter long).

I recently purchased the Manley Chinook phono pre-amp, which has many options including, gain, load capacitance, and resultant load.

Your personal recommendation on set-up would be greatly appreciated.

  1. What would you suggest I set for 45db or 60db gain? 
  2. What would you suggest load capacitance be set at?
    • 0pF, 50pF, 100pF, 150pF, 200pF, 250pF, 300pF, 350pF
  3. What would you suggest resultant load be set at?  
    • 26ohm, 30ohm, 40, 50,80, 115, 160, 265, 397, 47000
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Anything over 50 ohms load resistance could reasonably be used without important compromise to performance.  It's a matter of taste.

As long as your preamp has around 12-15db of gain and your amp has an average input sensitivity of around 2v, the Manley’s  60db setting will be fine with your cartridge. 

This thread is so old tjjunk won't care anymore but what the hell here you go.

Same cartridge I have found the following settings sound great to me.

60db gain

150 ohms


I would spend some time and use your ears to determine the best loading for your system.  It's kind of the icing on the cake so to speak with getting the tone just how you like it.  Lower is usually fuller sounding but can rob some transparency.  I would guess 100 but try 400 and see how you like it.