Marantz and Stereophile?

First post here, so hello all!

So I just made what I would call a real "audiophile" addition to my system, a Marantz PM-11s3 Integrated. It is funny that when you hear of a large purchase from people my age (47 ouch) and so many call it a "mid life crisis"
Funny thing is that whether it’s a sports car or a nice Hi-Fi component it takes years of financial building to afford such a piece. Not so much a crisis but a purchase that is soooo well deserved after years of wanting but not being in reach.
I have always enjoyed, followed, and owned 2-Channel systems... I’m a 2-channel guy and always will be! I remember that very first time 30 years ago that Mark Levinson and Wilson Audio changed my perception of recorded music forever! The love of music and the appreciation of components that deliver it to me that is sonically pleasing has had a grip on me ever since.
Mark Levinson and the likes were never attainable in my younger years but the like of Adcom, Rotel, Creek, Paradigm were. Thanks to these companies I have, for many years, enjoyed terrific music that was affordable and more than that... Really enjoyable!
Several years back I found myself without anything to listen to or even a simple dvd or bluray player to watch! Break-ups suck!
As soon as I could afford it again I went back out into the market and listened to a ton of components that I could afford and was really impressed with Marantz. I ended up with a Marantz PM8004 Integrated Amp and a Marantz UD7007 Universal Disc Player. I added Paradigm Monitor 7s with Kimber speaker cables and AudioQuest interconnects for a 2-Channel system I have quite enjoyed for the past three years.
This year I finally was able to take a jump up and add to the system.
I have really loved the Marantz sound, detailed yet warm as I would describe it... So I made a plunge and replaced the PM8004 with a Reference Series PM-11s3 and replaced the Paradigm 7s with Monitor Audio’s Silver 8s.
The PM8004 is a really sweet little integrated! I really enjoyed it as did everyone who listened to it. It was and still is a very nice piece that WAY outperforms its price point.... Having said that the difference between it and the PM-11s3 is not only night and day but virtually on different planets! The PM-11s3 from build quality to sound is just in every single way in not only a different class but in a different state completely.
Now, thanks for hanging in with me here... When one looks to replace a $1000 Integrated with a $5000 Integrated they look to the ones they trust for evaluations and trusted insight on a component. So naturally I looked to Stereophile and I found nothing? Not only did I find nothing on the PM-11s3 but nothing on any Reference Series Marantz? None of the Integrates, none of the SACDs, and none of the high-end mono-blocks that cost 20K with the pre?
Now this is IN NO WAY a flame of Stereophile! I just can’t understand that in the last 15 years why they haven’t reviewed or even mentioned Reference Series Marantz? Is there a misunderstanding between the two?

As a PM15S2 owner, congrats on your new PM11S3.  I have no idea why there is a lack of audio rag reviews of MARANTZ reference gear.  All I know is that I demoed mine head to head against a McIntosh MA6300 and preferred that PM15S in sound quality, build quality, heft and price.
It does a remarkable job driving my Dynaudio Focus 260's and has helped me get off the dreaded upgrade spiral where my amp is concerned.

Enjoy yours brother, its a great piece of gear.
I've auditioned most of the Reference-line gear over the years, and own the SA-7S1 SACD player, and can attest to the quality of this stuff. It is really, REALLY good. My SA-7S1, even with all the recent advancements in digital, still more than holds it own.

I toy with the idea of getting a pair of MA-9S2 monos every now and again, but my setup really doesn't require that much power. But that doesn't stop me from drooling about them!

As for the *relative* lack of Reference-line reviews in the mainstream press, that's just one reason why I don't put a ton of stock in reviews. Much of the gear I own has never been reviewed by the big rags--or the smaller ones, for that matter! That doesn't mean it's not quality stuff. Lots of great products never get mainstream reviews, while lots of mediocre ones do.

Enjoy your PM-11S3!
fwiw I recently bought a PM8004 and agree it is very good,

it really makes my SMGa's come alive.

my two cents
i believe nonoise alluded to this - the relationship between a manuf & one of the review magazines is convoluted at best. It’s based on scratching each other’s back - you give me a good review & I’ll let you keep the device or sell it to you for a really good price. If the manuf does not accede to this, they don’t get a review or get a very judgmental review that does them more harm than good.
Several manuf won’t even give their gear to Stereophile for this reason.
In addition getting reviews (& favourable reviews) is based on advertising dollars the manuf gives to the review magazines. How many times have you seen an ad for Marantz in Stereophile? And, if you did, was it a small ad or a full page ad?
the review magazines do serve the audio community but under some specific terms & it would be good to aware of those terms. Rarely are the review magazines in it for noble goal of educating the public or bringing to your notice some small audio manuf....
I do think that it is a great thing to bring light to new equipment and new manufacturers of such, so if Stereophile does this then good on them... But if what is happening with writers only giving time to those who give away product, as you say bombaywalla, it's disheartening for sure.

@newbee  This review was most informative for me. Hopefully if you are still looking for one it will help you ?