What speakers to go with my new Marantz 2265?

Just purchased a nice Marantz 2265 receiver to stand in for my Rotel while it's in the shop. I was thinking something vintage might be nice in the way of speakers but that's not a must. Currently I have my Rotel hooked up to a pair of Paradigm mini monitor V2's which sound great. When I get the Rotel back I'm thinking of having a "vintage sound" system in one room with the Marantz and a more modern sound system in another room utilizing the Rotel. 
I listen to primarily rock and jazz at a "medium" volume due to neighbors in close proximity and play mostly vinyl LP's

What do you recommend to complete my vintage system?  Thanks!

Pioneer HPM100s. Great rock speakers and sound good with vintage Marantz receivers.

+ 1 the previous suggestions and I'll throw in a vote for ADS L810's or L710's. 

I agree with the Large Advents that you can get at a resonable price. If you want to go all out AR 3A, JBL L65 Jubals or L100s.
I have two pairs of Large Advents with refurbished drivers. Find them to sound very colored and closed-in. I remember loving friends' Advents back in the day, so I am disappointed. Listened to them with a variety of top vintage monster receivers, Marantz 2325, Sansui G9000, Pioneer  1050, and Kenwood KR-9600. FWIW.

Another suggestion, better at jazz than rock, is the EPI 100s. Inexpensive, easily sourced on the used market, replacement/upgraded drivers and crossovers immediately available via humanspeakers.com, and excellent sound quality at lower volume.

I personally don't think there's any (sound quality) advantage in pairing vintage speakers with vintage receivers, maybe just esthetically more pleasing. I've had my Pioneer SX-980 driving my JBL L40s and ADS L510s for many many years and loved the sound. A couple of weeks ago I brought the Pioneer downstairs and hooked it up to my recently purchased Vandersteen 2Cis and the combo sounded significantly better than the L40. My suggestion is go for a pair of 1Cis and you'll be better served. If you're real set on going the vintage route, I've found the ADS sound much more neutral and balanced as compared to the same size/era JBL or Advent, with the Advent being the least transport to my ears.
OP stated speakers to be paired with vintage Marantz receiver, so like comparisons seemed appropriate.

I like the way those Pioneers look (they remind me of stuff I lusted after as a kid in the 70's) and the local record shop has some large Advents for cheap ...  but they look hideous.
How to find vintage speakers in good shape that don't require repair and shipping? I live in So Cal (Santa Barbara) and don't mind driving a few hours to pick up something nice.
I always felt that the Japanese just did not get it re: speakers (5 and 6 way designs using cheap drivers and poor cabinets), but the HPM100s proved to be an exception. Suspect it is because they stole the chief designer from JBL to create the HPM series. 

Good luck to you in your quest to find them locally. Should run about $400 for a good-condition pair.

+1 on the Advent New Large - I am still running mine (utility cabs), originally my High School graduation present in 1978, after a refresh by Millersound.  Not my main system, but always pleasant.  
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I found a pair of ADS L810's locally in great shape with original stands ...  Yes, they do sound great with the Marantz 2265 but take a bit of getting used to after listening to my Rotel w/Paradigm speakers set up for the last 18 years   :)
A good vintage combination is the Marantz with JBL 4311b or 4312.

Great for rock!