Marantz CD6007 vs CD60 differences...or similarities?

Has anyone heard the comparison between the Marantz CD6007 and the  CD60? They look similar in many regards.

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Thanks for that comparison as I've seen the vintage CD60 show up on searches. But I'm referring to the latest and current CD60 with the new designed face plate that supersedes and is $200 more than the CD6007.

It’s funny, a poster must have deleted his response. He didn’t answer question but compared 6007 to vintage CD60, not current new one. Somewhere else a salesman said they where similar but I don't know what that exactly means. I do know they use different DACS. I’m inclined to save $200 on the older 6007.

They do have different dac chipsets....with the 6007 having an AK chip and the 60 having an ESS.  But listening to the two back to back, there's not a ton of difference sound wise.  I do feel the newer 60 has a slightly lower noise floor.

Both are great players though....and excellent bargains at this price point.