Marantz DV6400 vs...?

Greetings, my first post on Audiogon. Several years ago I sold the larger part of my stereo system that featured an LFD integrated, Sony XA5400ES, Spendor SA1 speakers & several other items. I did so because I needed the money, sure, but the more compelling reason was that our home simply didn't permit a layout for a quality stereo system & mine was essentially collecting dust.

Anyway, a couple years later I made some changes, set up my secondary stereo into a position where it can get plenty of play. I also invested in Harbeth P3ers, which are powered by Rotel amp & pre-amp. Question concerns my SACD player. It's a Marantz DV6400 universal player. Purchased used years ago on Ebay, I never had an owner's manual, but I do have the remote. Anyway, going through my collection I see I have a large number of SACDs. Now, when I play them in the Marantz, the light that indicates "SACD" only goes on when they're single layer (e.g. Blood, Sweat & Tears), i.e. playable only on SACD players. The majority of SACDs don't cause the light to go on, which leads me to wonder if they're being played on their pcm level.
In short, is this player taking advantage of SACDs?
And, if so, is that a characteristic of all universal players?

Alas, I really can't justify spending the money to replace the Sony. I knew at the time that particular sale would come back to bite me in the ass—I paid $900 for it new from J&R. Now I can't find for less than $1400. If I were to replace the Marantz right now, my budget would be more in the 500 - 800 range, more Oppo.

Naturally I'm not looking to spend a lot of money on a dead technology, but given the number & quality of SACDs I have, I think it's worthwhile to explore the best way to experience them henceforth.

Many thanks
i believe on the marantz that sacd is only played thru the 5.1 connections, not the regular 2 ch output, so your player is probably playing just the regular cd layer of your sacds--try the 5.1 connection and see if it makes a difference.
I have the Oppo 103 upstream of a Krell and then Vandersteens. It plays SACDs, HDCDs, BlueRay, and DVD-As and sounds wonderful. The new model is the 203. If you are listening in 2-ch like me, you can set it to play multi-ch down-mixed to 2-ch. Highly recommended. My 2c.
Yes, you're right, loomis. I'd forgotten, the Marantz won't play a single layer sacd at all unless the first two of the 5.1 connections (on my two-channel stereo) are connected. When I first reconnected the Marantz I'd forgotten this & only when certain cds failed to play did I realize. Right now it's hooked up that way & plays something Getz/Gilberto on SACD brilliantly (not sure if that one's single or double layer).

Thanks for the recommendation, Tomcarr. My budget is certainly more Oppo than Sony right now, but I wasn't certain if Oppo brought enough extra quality to SACDs to warrant the expenditure.
Welcome! andykatz

the Marantz "DV" series was very good and a real bargain on the used/demo market now.  If you like the 6400, move up to the 8400, 9500 or 9600 model. Each of these gets much better musically.
Happy Listening!
Hi there!
Sorry to chime in 2 years later...

I would like to know that if I use the first two connections of the 5.1 output like Andykatz did will I get all the data from the SACD? The first two connectors are designated as "front". 

Grateful for any reply.
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