Marantz DV8400 SACD/CD question

I am using a Marantz DV8400 in my 2 channel system as a CD transport to an Electrocompaniet DAC and as an SACD player. Is there any way to access the CD layer on a hybrid SACD without using a monitor to set it up? There is no button on the remote to switch between SACD/CD.
Thanks for any insight.
It's been a while since I had the DV8400 or DV9500 but I believe you can set the CD layer as a default using the video. But you will have to use the video to access the SACD layer. They don't have a button to switch back and forth. It is disappointing, but they were good machines.
I was afraid of that. I have the SACD layer set as the default. I just wanted to occasionally play the CD layer through my DAC. I don't have the system hooked up to a monitor.
Bummer. I don't know why Marantz does some of things they do. I had the 8300,8400, and 9500 and finally tried the Denon and it does let you do more from the faceplate and remote. I think the Marantz actually sounded better on Redbook than the Denon does though. Good luck.