Marantz Mono Block Hookup with Rel Subs

Are there any Marantz SA-9s1 or 9s2 mono block owners who are using Rel Subwoofers. If so how do you have the speakon three wire connection hooked relative to the black ground wire. I have two subs with one going to each amp. Currents amps have a ground pin connection which make the Rel integration easy and safe.

I called Marantz today but they could offer no specific assistance on how to hood up the Rel's with their mono blocks.

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With most amps having balanced or bridged outputs connecting the black wire to a chassis screw will work well, although conceivably there may be a few cases where a loud hum would result. What will certainly work well is to obtain an RCA plug, solder the black wire to its ground shell connection point (leaving the center pin unconnected), and inserting the plug into one of the two RCA input connectors on the rear panel of the amp. That would establish a connection between the black wire and the amp's circuit ground. The red and yellow wires would both be connected to a + output terminal of the amp.

-- Al