Help Connecting Dual Subs To Monoblocks

I have Pair of Audio Mirror Reflection monoblocks. I’d like to connect a pair of Rel subwoofers. Hoping someone hear know if this can be done safely with these amps. I’ve asked Audio Mirror and haven’t got a clear answer as jpg yet.  I only gave one set of pre outs on my preamp so I need to use the high lever connections. I’ve researched some and I’m left uncertain if it would work or possibly damage the amps or the subwoofers.  Thanks in advance for any help.  


" I only gave one set of pre outs on my preamp so I need to use the high lever connections."

Get a pair of these!


Just use the standard REL setup for each of the sub/monoblocks.  The problems occur when trying to hook up a single REL sub to mono blocks, but that problem goes away when you have dual subs.

I have the Audio Mirror monos and have two 8” powered subs connected, one to each mono block. I just added an unterminated speaker wire to each amp binding post (neg to neg and pos to pos) along with the speaker wire that is connected to the speakers,  so just the signal from the amp is going to the subwoofers. Works fine and I can dial in the subs crossover and gain. My system is posted on Agon. I had preamps in the past with outputs and sub outs but I never could get the subs blended well with main speakers. This method works well for my system and room. I hope this helps!


I was wondering if that was how to do it.

@brylandgoodman I’ve been thinking of doing the same thing with two amps in mono and adding another sub. Only thing, most Rel subs incorporate a single neutrik connection and cable ends for positive, negative and neutral in a high level format. I think I remember a Rel video somewhat explaining this, but think this connection option was for using Rel pairs with a single amp? Hoping this would still apply -and still be safe- for monos using Rels.

From Rel blog: “If connecting 2 RELs, connect the black wire of each REL to a negative speaker terminal of the corresponding channel; twist together the red and yellow wires of each REL separately and connect each pair to the positive speaker terminal of the corresponding amplifier channel.”

Did Rel never give a clear answer when contacted? I might reach out to them as well as I’ve also been quite vexed by this.






Neutrik connection to mono-blocks: Red and yellow to +, float the black wire with taped so as not to short or attach the black wire to a ground screw on the back of each mono-block. If the volume is too high then only connect the red or yellow wire to the + and tape the end of the unused red or yellow to prevent a short.

Sorry I kind of disappeared on this post. Life got a little hectic and my mind wasn’t really on Audio for a minute. I really appreciate the help and I’m excited that I can run the subs the way I’d like with the Audio Mirrors. Unfortunately I spent a bit to much on the rest of the setup to move forward with subs at the moment. Everything has come together really nicely so far but my little Totem Arros will definitely benefit from a bit of help on the low end. Amazingly they sound like much bigger speakers than they are, but despite the impressive scale they don’t go that low.  Anyways, thanks again for the help. It’s very much appreciated.