Marantz SA-14 vs Rega Apollo vs Musical Fidelity A

I am in the market for a new cd player. I have upgraded my system to a C-J Premier 17LS preamp, Musical Fidelity A308 pwr amp and B&W Matrix 802 S3 speakers. I would like to upgrade my MusicHall CD-25 next. The Rega Apollo intrigues me, but I am not excited about the top loading, the Marantz SA-14 v2 seems like a decent buy used and I heard and really liked the Musical Fidelity A5, but even used it is abit more than I want to spend. Any comments on these three or any other players in the $1000-$1500 range would be appreciated.

I actually owned the Trivisata dac and could not hear a significant improvement over my Music Hall. For the money I was disappointed and ended up selling it. Would prefer an all in one unit for space concerns. Can also use the MH in my bedroom then.

I have read very little on the Marantz units on A-gon. Are they considered over rated?