Musical Fidelity - Tri-Vista 21 DAC for Tidal and streaming


My current setup comprises of Music Fidelity A308 integrated, B&W 7CDM SE speakers and Bluesound 2i. I almost exclusively listen to music via streaming (Tidal) no CD or other sources.

I was thinking of adding the MF Tri-Vista 21, have a chance to source one here used, but wanted to understand if it will be compatible with the Bluenode 2i (digital optical output)? I understand the Music Fidelity does not have MQA.

Is it worth getting an old Music Fidelity DAC or should I look at some newer offerings like Denafrips Ares, Gustard etc.



i have a trivista dac with a modded output stage, it is just terrific and works fine fed by my node via digital coax out


I had a friend's old Tri Vista in my system (1 week)  about a month ago. Regardless of its age I can vouch for the sound quality which is very good and natural. You could do far worse.


All standard computers make a lot of noise with background noise from programs ,fans  a dedicated streamer is far better , I too have a computer but there are ways around this to some extent for example Ethernet switch I bought a decent one a SW8 with linear power supplies for around $600

then gojng into your computer to clean incoming noise ,and btw I have a 12v 8 amp LPS power supply to my router ,

after the router if your dac has a I2S input clean all that noise before the dac with a Denafrips Iris, or stinger DDC  then your signal is pretty clean , if you want 

a clean audio signal.and make sure your Ethernet cables and usb cables are not cheap ,being a audiophile cost $$ no getting around it .

The Music Fidelity Tri-Vista 21 DAC can be compatible with the Bluesound Node 2i through its digital optical output. However, it's important to note that the Tri-Vista 21 does not support MQA decoding, so you won't be able to take advantage of MQA-encoded music from Tidal.

Whether it's worth getting the Tri-Vista 21 or considering newer DAC offerings like the Denafrips Ares or Gustard depends on your preferences and priorities.

If you highly value MQA support and want to take full advantage of Tidal's MQA-encoded music, it would be more appropriate to explore newer DAC models that support MQA decoding.

On the other hand, if MQA support is not a priority for you and you're more interested in the overall sound quality and performance of the DAC, the Tri-Vista 21 could still be a viable option. It has a good reputation and can provide a high-quality audio experience.

Ultimately, the decision depends on your specific needs, preferences, and budget. It's recommended to audition different DAC models if possible or read reviews to get a better understanding of their sonic characteristics and features before making a decision

the trivista can take up to 24-192 so the first unfold of mqa (the critical one) works very well

however, the unit has only spdif rca and optical in, it is old enough there is no usb input, potential owners should be aware of this

all this said, this remains one of the most lovely sounding, musical, sonically pleasing dacs in my little stable of dacs

I reluctantly sold off my TriVista several years ago as it could not playback high Rez files. You either had to downsample to 44.1 (in Roon or your playback software), or only choose 16 bit CD quality versions. The 24/196khz capability of the TriVista DAC I believe refers to the TriVista upsampling of a 16bit file - the TriVista can’t natively play 24/192 files, or MQA. I wanted high Rez support as I use Roon.

shame, as the DAC was excellent even with its age. Very well built and long tube life. 

I have an A308 integrated and added a Denafrips Pontus 2. They seem to be a good match.

Buy a innuos mini with a 2 T SS hd   Very good interface  and good quality 

the less money the Eversolo DBP A6 , has been a Hot seller 

for $1250 you can get the master 6 with premium upgrade clocks better parts quality and dual Femto clocks.