Marantz SR7007 amp issue

I've had this receiver for about 7 years and generally worked very well.  Just prior to year 4 (so covered under warranty) the unit stopped producing sound.  Typically when turning on the unit, there's one "click" the it goes off of standby, and then ~5 seconds later, there's another 'click' presumably the amplifier kicking in as that's when sound can be heard. That second click stopped happening and I sent back to United Audio. They tested it for weeks, found nothing, and shipped it back and it's been working 3 years on.

Recently we had a huge lightning strike in my yard which skinned a 130 ft tree and popped all the GFCI outlets on the outside of my house.  The only thing inside the house that died was a wireless landline phone base (I still can't figure out why just that) This Marantz is plugged into a Panamax MR4300, however it went back to it's "single click" issue for about two days.  I unplugged and let it sit, did some electronic voodoo spells over it, and it's been working for a month no issues. Now today I'm back to that single click and the amplifier is not kicking on.  I will say everything else seems to be working, including the HDMI board and HDMI pass through in standby.

Has anyone dealt with this issue before/ have a suggestion of what it might be/ how to perma-fix it?
In lieu of that, any class G HDMI friendly receiver suggestions?  Looking for low heat so maybe I can avoid installing vent fan into a cabinet.


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Thanks for the responses - I'm trying to find a schematic of where the fuses are as I am a bit of a novice on popping open the hood on these devices.

One other note- zone 2 works just fine.  I've heard that sometimes these receivers get 'stuck' thinking headphones are plugged in when they are not, but I can't see that there is any indicator on the display saying the receiver thinks headphones are plugged in (there may not be any indicator, period). I have tried compressed air, and need to track down a 1/4 inch adaptor to see if it's anything physical that could get jarred by plugging in/out.
The "clicks" you hear are relays that "snap" to connect electrical power to different parts of the receiver.  It is possible that it is a bad relay, but it is not likely.  I think the more common root cause of this problem are electrolytic caps drying out for the "relay input".  It won't have enough current to snap on the relay.  The power for these relays are typically from an "always on" switching power supply, but it could be another part of power supply.