Marantz UD5007, no more YouTube

Today 6/28/17 like any other day I went to use the YouTube feature on my Marantz UD5007 and an error message appeared that YouTube no longer supports this app.  I can no longer access YouTube on my Marantz UD5007.  That's half the reason I purchased this player. This is BS.  I'm going to contact Marantz tomorrow and give them a piece of my mind.  In the meantime, anyone have any suggestions as to how I can restore access to YouTube on my Marantz UD5007? 
Why don't you do an internet search on this issue.  There's plenty of info.

The UD5007 is a discontinued item.  Unfortunately, Marantz has no control over how or when Youtube/Hulu/etc. change their streaming protocols.  It's not in any company's best interest to continue to redevelop firmware on discontinued products to keep up with changing technologies (since they are no longer selling that product).  Even Oppo is getting out of the streaming business with their latest 20x series players.

Your best bet is probably to get either the Amazon FireTV unit or a Roku.  Both Amazon and Roku are in the business of supporting many streaming services and this will keep you current on any changing or new technologies.  The Amazon Fire has a very high quality app for Youtube (both high quality video and audio transfer).

Thanks for the responses and recommendations.  What I really want to continue doing is playing YouTube music videos and live band performances through my HT system.  I'm not sure how great a Roku streaming device may sound plugged directly into my surround sound processor HDMI input.  I think I'm going to purchase a Sony Blu-ray player with decent audio that streams YouTube.  My high end audio store professionals advised that Sony should continue supporting Youtube in their players for sometime to come.  I tried plugging my laptop PC directly into my surround sound processor via HDMI but the audio was awful.  Thanks. 

Some thoughts to keep in mind....

I have both an older Sony BDP-S590 bluray and also an Amazon FireTV. I don’t know the current Sony app offering, but the YouTube app on my particular Sony is not that good. It really only give you standard definition video and the audio side is not really high-def. Also, the Sony bluray players are somewhat soft sounding as a transport. Sony will stop doing firmware updates for a product within a year after it has been discontinued. I have not had a firmware update for my BDP-S390 in a very long time.

The Amazon Fire TV is an open platform (based on Linux I think) just like their Fire and Kindle tablets. It has constant app updates with a huge collection of online apps to choose from. My FireTV is one generation old, but still is able to get both YouTube and core FireTV O/S updates. The YouTube app is superior over the Sony both in usability and capability to do hi-definition and hi-resolution audio. It will provide this over HDMI to your processor. You can also stream Amazon video content.

I have tested both of these devices directly connected to my Krell S-1200 processor through HDMI.

OK many thanks Auxinput. I'm going to buy an Amazon FireTV device and try it out based on your excellent input.  Will let you know.  THANKS.
Amazon has an excellent "no questions asked" return policy, so if you feel the FireTV is not up to the job, it's guaranteed money back.
Well Auxinput, what can I say.  You were 100% right and saved the day. So far so good on the Amazon unit.  Loving it so far.  Working great and as you stated above, the hi-res audio is darn good for such a small device. From not purchasing the Sony BDP-S6700 and saving a few hundred on purchasing the FireTV, I bought a brand new pair of AQ analog ICs  I needed to get anyway from my A-V store.  So thank you very much. Herein lies the value of this great forum on Audiogon.  You know your audio !!