Marantz vs. Oppo or Theta

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Sorry for the weird comparisons.  I'm thinking of getting a Marantz 7706 because of the manual EQ features (that's right, not looking for room correction). 

My biggest issues with processors and HT receivers in the past  is that some of them just sounded like garbage.  Really really thin, like AM radios.  Several Japanese brands and Emotiva were brands I could not really listen to for long.

My question is how the Marantz compares say to the Oppo BD players, which were excellent, or say a Theta from a decade ago.  I'm not looking for perfection, but robust and transparent.


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PS - Part of why I am hesitant is I listened to a Marantz streamer, or SACD player and it was .... harsh.

I still use an Oppo 105 for Blue Ray and Dvd's which it does a nice job with but if I recall correctly the one time I tried to play an SACD I could only output it through the OPPO's analogue output.  Could not output it digitally and into my external Dac, it had to go through the Oppo's Dac.  

Hey @alan_a  Well sad to say I have no SACD's at all here.  I am strictly looking for a good sounding 4k/8k HT processor with MANUAL EQ settings.

I dunno Erik so take this for what it’s worth, but those Theta Casablancas seem to be held in really high regard, even as stereo preamps, to this day.  So, if I’m going for absolute sound quality and the Theta has the connections/features you’re looking for I’d have a hard time picking either of the other two over it.  But that’s just a dumb guess FWIW.  Plus, owning a Theta would be kinda cool, so there’s that.