Mark & Daniel A400amp

Hi, I've just come across this amp while testing out Swan Diva 5.1 speakers. The amp sounded good to me but I have only heard the Cambridge Audio 840A so I don't have much to compare it to. The guy is asking US$1600 for the amp. Is this a good buy in your opinion? I cant find much info on this amp on the net. How would you rate this amp?
how did it sound in comparison to the cambridge, which is a good amp for the money also. if you are going to keep this system a long time, then let your ears tell you which amp sounds the best, but if you change as most people do, think about resale and name brand . cambridge sells easily, why?, because it is recognized and is known to be solid...the mark & daniel, well, i am familiar with the company, but will it resale easily. i hope this may help you , i always think about resale, i always say this is it, but it never is.