Mark Levinson power cord vs Shunyata Venom3 power cord

Would anybody know if I would be better off using the stock power cord that comes with Mark Levinson 532h amp or is the Shunyata Venom 3 I have a better cord? Just curious which provides the cleaner, lowest noise floor. 
I would certainly use Shunyta but i would get a better one than Venom 3 if you can afford it you will certainly hear the difference.Good luck The Venom 3 would certainly be better than the stock cord though.
The Venom 3 is a 12 gauge shielded cord. With your amp it will work just fine but I’d look for a 10 gauge cord if you can such as a Kimber PK10 Gold or the current model. What you should expect with a heavier gauge cord is a little better bass extension and fuller sound. If you don’t have dedicated circuits you probably will not hear much of a difference regardless as you’re probably holding your Levinson back. Wywires Juice II HC is a great cable too for bigger power amps. Need the HC, High Current version for amps. Also toss the $2 outlet receptacles if you haven’t and get some Hubbell hospital grade receptacles such as the Porter Ports sold here.
Thanks all for the replies. I went with Clarus power cables and 20amp HC for the amp. Also did run a dedicated line for my PS Audio power conditioner with only amp, preamp, cd transport and Aurender music server. Could immediately tell a big difference with Clarus power cords, amazing. Sounds like new system.