Marten django how does it sound

Dear: friends

Anyone has heard the new django? Black and white speaking, it think tough i havent got a chance to audition them myself, But i think they will be a serious pair of speaker within $15000 to consider. Do you think they would go well with my manley snappers? My system is audioaero capitole mk2', shrimp pre, snapper amp, audio physics avanti 3 ( i decided to go for AP instead of coincident super victory).

Do you see the leap by upgrading the avanti to the django? Thanks guys
After it's big debut I was hoping to see some members thoughts on it but nothing as of yet. Anyone???
I have recently bought them after hearing them at local dealer who picked up the marten line after ces. They were driven by a pair of simaudio 400m monos along with a 350p Sim preamp connected to an msb plat dac, I opted to trade in my entire kit to get the Sim audio stuff along with the djangos. Will be considering the playback designs mpd3 add my dac..the sound from the djangos went deep along with great detail . The Sim stuff.added warmth even though it was all solidstate..the msb im sure contributed to the theme But after this outlay i'm looking for price performance from the pbd dac..should get my djangos sometime in may will report more then