Marten Oscar Trio vs Miles 5?

While staying in Asia, I hear an interesting thing about the brand Marten.

In here, Marten is usually compared to Magico or Wilson.

Marten has relatively new model Oscar Trio and now some stores in here insist it’s better than Miles 5.

It remind me Magico’s A3 and S1 situation a bit. Or Wilson’s Sabrina and the above.

- No change to hear one in person. Marten is kind of rare, so no demo, and Magico entry models are so popular,
so no demo (I can easily find M line up tho), and same for Wilson.

Anyway, it seems Marten Oscar seems to be one of the best speakers in its size class.
Stores usually try to compare Oscar Trio vs Magico A3 vs Wilson Sabrina X

For me, I’m more curious how Marten Oscar Trio would perform compared to Miles 5.

Is there anyone experience these? :)


Hi there,

i am offered to change my Marten Oscar Duo for Miles 5 in some exchange. Do you have any experience now with Miles5 and your question is the same as mine. How does it sound in comparison to Oscar trio?


Hope you are still in this topic :)