Martin Logan Aerius + Cary cad 805 AE??Opinions???

Hi Dear Fellows,
Here I am in the search of a good , affordable, pair of speakers for my cary Cad 805 AE.I've recently posted a thread asking for opinions regarding using these pair of monoblock amps with Apogee Ribbon speakers and the conseil was  a definetely NO!!Very difficult to drive these Apogee with my only 50watts per channel.My question is....Do you think a Martin Logan Aerius will be easily moved by my Cary Cad 805's or , again I will have a lack of current to drive these marvellous speakers?

Any Suggestions will be Highly Appreciated!!!

I had the ML Aries-i speakers for a few years. I drove them with an Audio Research Classic 60. The speakers worked fine with that 60wpc amp. I sold the Martin Logans after hearing a pair of Legacy Signature III's at a friends house. I put the Martin Logans up for sale that night and bought a pair of the Legacy speakers. In comparison, the Martin Logans were not near as musically involving as the Legacys, plus the Legacy's move more air ... a lot more. 

Here's a mini review I did for another site:

  • "I bought my Sig III's used and they were in mint condition. I was sold after hearing a pair at a friends home. These are very efficient speakers and sound great using low powered tube amps. My friend was driving his with a modified Dyna 70 .. 35 watts per channel. Over time, I have made many upgrades to my electronics and the speakers have never proven to be the weak spot in the system. Currently, I'm using the Audio Research Ref-75 amp and no matter how loud I play music, the amp just loafs along with these speakers. Prior to owning the Sigs, I was an electrostatic freak. I honestly thought the electrostatics were the end all in transparency. Well, the Sig III's are amazingly transparent and totally enjoyable. The Sigs were built to a price point, so there are some simple mods that can be made to improve the sound. First, change the binding posts to Cardas binding posts. Nice upgrade there and cheap to do. Second, buy the 2" unfinished maple platforms from Mapleshade audio. Spike the platforms to the floor, then spike the speakers to the platforms. Huge upgrade there and the platforms cost around $175 for the pair. Then, change out the cheap bi-wire jumpers provided by Legacy for nice upgraded wire. Cardas sells good ones, albeit a little expensive. If you shop on eBay, you'll find some nice upgraded jumpers for around $40.00. That's about it ... forget more expensive speakers ... spend the money on more records."