Martin Logan tranducer panel slipped

I have the Odysseys and have had one panel slip down about one half inch. I called Martin Logan about this and they sent me two clips to keep this from recurring after I got the panel back in place. The trouble is that I have been unable to get it back where it belongs. I leaned the speaker back and placed a support under the panel and let it back down on this piece of 2X4, put pressure down on the frame and it didn't move. Hoping that if it was left under the pressure of the speaker's weight for awhile, it would eventually return to its normal location. It's been 3 days so far and hasn't moved a millimeter. It had to have slipped down on its own so i don't understand why, even with some force it is so difficult to relocate. Any ideas?
"Any ideas?"

Yes. Stop fooling with it. Its too nice a speaker.

Take some pictures, email them to ML, and pester them until they tell you how to fix it right.
Zd542, It worked and is back in place so now I have stopped fooling with it. Thanks for the advice.
I know this is an old thread, but I have the same problem as Broadstone: I do not succeed in relocating the panel back to the proper place. Even with some force, it does not move a millimeter. If Broadstone read this, what did you do to fix it ? Did you need to remove some screws ?
Any advise is welcome.

Thanks in advance.
Balou, what I did was to lean the speaker back about 10-15 degrees, place a piece of 2X4 cut to just fit between the floor and the panel its backward leaning position then allow the speaker to come back forward so the weight is now being supported by the 2X4. It returned to the proper position in about 3 days and I installed the clips.
OK, Thanks.
I have the panels in place meanwhile and installed the clips I got from Martin Logan.
B.t.w. , I got great support from Martin Logan, even for my 13 year old speakers.