Martin Logan Tweaks ?

I've been using SL3' about 5 years and recently added aftermarket power cords to my BAT VK500 amp and Wadia 830...noticed big improvements....anyone tried changing out the stock ML cords? If so what did you use? I've got 3 Shunyata Black Mambas on my equipment now. I've had good results changing the ML spikes to DH Labs Jumbo cones with squares.
Thanks for the input.
The ones that work well are MIT II. I don't like them in any other part of my system--I think they restrict the current, but for the panels, that doesn't matter since the current draw is so low. Also, I recently tried a set of Walker HDLs and was very impressed--surprised--but impressed. It was a noticable difference that I recommend for MLs. As for the spikes, the new ML spikes are very good, much better than the original SL3 spikes.
i use radio shack ferite emf blockers on my power cords work great i have owned 7 pairs of martin logans over the past 8 years and have used them on every pair i think they cost $20 for 2.