Mastersound Due Trenta problem. Schematics

Hi guys, I've got a Mastersound Due Trenta which I've bought from a member here years ago. So far I was pretty happy with it, that is until some smoke rose from it just a few days ago. I was able to unplug it very quickly and will now need to have it fixed. A good friend of mine who has worked on electronic equipment for most of his life would be happy yo help repair it but asked if the schematics are available.

Mastersound didn't want to send me the schematics and referred me to their US distributor to have it fixed. So that'll be my last resort for now. In case any of you have the schematics I'd appreciate to hear from you.

Thank you
I don't have schematics but own a Mastersound Reference 845. I had Joshua Cintron work on it, he's very familiar with Mastersound and might be able to help you. He is in New Jersey. His website is: Hope this helps.