Matching Level between unbalanced & blanced audio

I wanna connect
primaluna prologue 3 which only has rca connectors


dynaudio bm6a mkii which only has xlr connectos.

2 options I can think of.


Connect with RCA to XLR cable.
One end is RCA and another end is XLR.
Or using RCA/XLR adapter.

Using matchbox.

Which one is better?
I check few matchbox but I am worry about degrade sound
when I use matchbox.

Which option is better?
or is there some other option that can be better?
I would just get some adapters. If you call The Cable Company, they'll help you pick the best ones for your system.
Hi Chunkichunky

I use this to convert RCA to XLR. Rane BB44X that converts RCA to XLR and vice versa.

I have an older Accuphase C200 preamp with RCA outputs and the set of amps I have are Red Dragon M1000 Mk 1 monoblocks that has XLR inputs only. The Rane 44BX works well with no SQ issues in my system. I also wanted to use something like the Rane because I was running over 20 ft of XLR cable around the room because I wanted the Accuphase C200 near me but having the Red Dragons near my speakers.

Now I got this suggestion from longtime A'gon member Almarg some years ago.

Jensen PC2-XR

Best of luck in the search.
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Thank you for reply.

I bought transformer and spec is

Unbalanced to Balanced Conversion
Input Impedance 100 kohms unbalanced
Input Signal Level -10 dBV nominal, +18 dBV maximum
Input Connectors RCA
Output Load Impedance 600 ohms nominal
Output Signal Level +4 dBm nominal, +24 dBm maximum
Output Level Control Range -3 to +24 dBm @ -10 dBV input
Output Connectors XLR, male
Frequency Response 20 Hz to 30 kHz +/-0.2 dB
T. H. D. + Noise Less than .014%, 20 Hz to 30 kHz, nominal output
Hum and Noise -88 dBm, 20 Hz to 30 kHz

1. What do you think? is this okay unit?

I only need one unit but the seller will include
the unit for Balanced to Unbalanced Conversion.

I have PS audio NUWAVE which have RCA and XLR
connection. and I need to connect with Primaluna prologue 3
which has only rca.

I had plan to connect them with one rca cable but
since I have another transformer I have option to
use XLR to RCA too.
I only need to buy one more xlr cable.

2. Which setup is you think better?
RCA DAC ---> RCA Preamp? or
XLR DAC --> transformer --> RCA preamp?

another unit spec.

Balanced to Unbalanced Conversion
Input Impedance 40 kohms balanced
Input Signal Level +4 dBm nominal, +24 dBm maximum
Input Connectors XLR, female
Output Load Impedance 10 kohms nominal
Output Signal Level -10 dBV nominal, +18 dBV maximum
Output Level Control Range -22 to +3 dBV @ +4 dBm input
Output Connectors RCA
Frequency Response 20 Hz to 30 kHz +/-0.1 dB
T. H. D. + Noise .017%, 20 Hz to 30 kHz, nominal output
Common Mode Rejection -79 dB @ 60 Hz
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i bought videoquip phase 3 lm-2.
i will use it for rca(my preamp which has only rca output)
to xlr (active speaker which only has xlr input)

the seller gave me lm-2u
xlr to rca unit for free.

i will use 1m rca cable so i will not use this unit
based on ur suggestion.

thank you