Maybe a new amp for Thiel CS2 2?


I am currently driving my Thiel CS2 2 speakers with a fully reconditioned Accuphase P-300. It's 150W into 8ohms, but only 200w into 4. I am concerned that the Accuphase, lovely as it is, is not sufficiently high current and powerful into 4ohms and less to get the most out of the Thiels. Indeed, while the system sounds really very good, the Thiels sound a bit lean in the bottom octave or two, compromising visceral impact. Pre-amp is Audible Illusions Modulus 3A with MC boards.

I am considering replacing the Accuphase in this system with an amp with more grunt. My concern is that I won't be able to afford anything that makes an real overall improvement for the money I can consider spending -- less than a grand, if possible. Given the revealing Thiels and AI pre, I am worried that any harshness or grain from the amp will be fatiguing.

Considering new Emotiva XPA-2, used Odyssey Stratos Plus, used MacCormack DNA1, used Perreaux PMF-2150B or bigger, and whatever else might really make an improvement over the legendary Accuphase.

Somewhat cautious about getting anything much used. Don't want to buy somethig just to have to take it to get reconditioned/recapped -- warranty would be nice.

Advice from the truly experienced?

I would consider upgrading speakers and keeping Accuphase or adding a subwoofer and again keeping Accuphase.
Consider it as an investment that would not lose the value.
I like the sound of Accuphase and would give you the same advice. Finding relatively inexpensive SS amps that are smooth, free of grain and glare, like the Accuphase, is not that easy. If you add a powered subwoofer, that will fill in the bottom 2 octaves.
OTOH if you can keep the Accuphase, and still buy another amp, you could do shootouts for yourself until your satisfied your getting what the Theils have to give. I would start with the Oddysey or MaCormack.
I don't suggest buying speakers for an amp, especially a ss amp that can't double down. The Thiel 2 2's aren't an especially a difficult load, for a Thiel anyway. For an amp that won't be harsh, with some grunt, and that would be compatible with your AI tube pre, for about $1K, I'd suggest a used conrad-johnson 2300 preferably the A version.