MBL 6010D built in phono help

Hello to all..

Has anyone heard the 6010d phono? Please share you thoughts. Also, anyone compare the 6010d phono to other phono ss or tube or stand alone phono? I'm interest getting the 6010d pre but not sure if the built in phono is any good. Please share your experience and thoughts. Thanks in advance.
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Thanks Elizabeth..have you listen to the 6010d phono yourself? You said other are better, which one?Are you recommend going separate instead? I'm looking for warmth, transparent, lushness, natural sound. My music taste are female vocal, easy listening, jazz, acoustic.
Yes I own it. It's more than acceptable. I auditioned ARC ref2. But didn't hear enough of a difference to make a purchase. More bloody midrange for sure. It has limited cartridge matching ability IMHO. But if u pay attention to that it's all good:)
Hi Ericngo1,

I also own MBL 101E's and have been on a very interesting journey trying this and that and learning over the years, one of the pre-amps I owned was the 6010d w/phono for three years. Personally I do not flavour the MBL's being driven with the MBL pre paired up with either 9008's or 9011's which I have had both.

I have had my paired up with numerous mono blocks, Boulder 2050's, Karan 1200's, Cat JL3 Sig MK2's, 9008's, 9011's, Bryston 28 squared just to name a few.

If you look threw my past threads you will read what I have been up too.

Personally I prefer tubes with the MBL's, the ultimate set-up that has gotten me off the merry-go-round is pairing up my MBL's up with the Vac Sig. MK2a pre w/phono and Vac's Statement 450 mono blocks.

Absolute heaven, nothing that I have owned or heard specifically paired up with these speakers comes close period, not in the same world.

So to answer your question in relation to the pre in the 6010d available, nothing special and would not recommend.

Normally I would send you a PM but due to this new site set-up won't allow that, don't want to ruffle any feathers of MBL electronic owners including your self but you appeared to be looking for assistance.

Thanks Dev & Chrisla for ur input. I got the 6010d/mc phono and couldn't be more happier.