MC cart loading with 47k; why do some work well?

has anyone got a technical explanation for the 'fact' that some MCs work so well (best?) with no loading other than 'standard' 47k input impedance of phono-pre's?
1) Is it something to do with the cart construction?
2) Is it the RIAA implementation of the phono-pre?
3) Is it a combination of 1) and 2)?

I know there have been statements of reknown reviewers, that it's something 'wrong' with your hearing / preference. And that no MC can every sound its best at 47k, etc.

Yet, the other 'side' can be heard, stating: The better the cart (MC) the less loading needed...

However, in the same system one MC sounds VERY wrong with 47k, (usually best at 100 - 500 ohm) yet another sounds 'best' at 47k...

My question is to find out some technical underlying reasons, and not to open a controversy over listening preferences, if at all possible.

one addition, I'm ONLY talking about LO-MCs in this post i.e. +/- 0.3mV. That HI-MCs are often (always?) designed go mainly into 47k is self-explanatory.
Yes, :-)... and what was your next question?

OK, Dynavector(s) DV X1s I listened at the RMAF.
Ortofon Windfeld in my system. (That massed instrument 'break-up' I'm busy with happens at any loading 100, 500, 1k, 18k, 47k) and 13ohm primary loading using a trannie.

However, using no trannie, 47k sounds best with that Windfeld. Some other owner dealer with a tube-hybrid phono-stage uses also 13ohm...

I'm sure there must be more then just those two that I recall right now... else this Stereophile reviewer would not have spend 1/2 a page in trying to explain how insane 47k loading for any MC was, and going into all the known treble lift characteristics --- true for many, but apparently not all.
Key word: flux-damping comes to mind.

>>> I have a XV-1s, I'll have to give **4k** another go... <<<

Typo? **47k**, yes! = NO loading!

In the case of my Windfeld it produces the most hall/ambient information close to my trannie set-up, which is still my preferred set-up ---- but on the plus side the images are more stable and defined than with the trannie. All other options 1k, next best and going down, get more and more 'sat-on'.

Be interesting to hear what you find.

I still have no idea why this actually should be so. Having had a Jubilee and Dorian, etc. didn't work at all with 47k -- too 'fluffed out' treble and woolly bass.